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About this software

FlashArmor produces a special kind of Macromedia Flash Projector, which stores all kinds of Flash content (SWF files, text files, XML files, FLV video and MP3/WAV audio files) inside one single, continuous EXE file. None of these files will ever be saved to user's HDD, even as temporary file, even for a nanosecond! All content is encrypted and stored inside one executable and is accessed directly from this executable.

Nevertheless, not all these files will be loaded into computer memory - they will be accessed by projector just as if they would be saved on HDD as usual files. For example, FLV video files are accessed directly from Projector's EXE, saved on CD or HDD. Therefore no special requirements to memory quantity, installed on user's computer, is applied. In fact you have usual Flash projector, but with unextractable and encrypted content.

FlashArmor Standard Edition

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Supports all basic features except for video protection, advanced screensaver options and Flash extensions.

FlashArmor Professional Edition

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Supports all features, including video protection, advanced screensaver options and Flash extensions.

Most Significant Features

  • Has powerful yet easy-to-use Explorer-style interface, based on drag&drop technique

  • Creates single executable, containing all files of your Flash project (like configuration, audio, video, etc.)

  • Can work directly from CD. None of files (even temporary) are saved to HDD

  • Can open external files stored on CD/HDD

  • Doesn't require Macromedia Flash OCX installation on user's PC. This is standalone Flash Projector

  • Extends Macromedia Flash possibilities by set of very useful features (see features for details)

Additional Features

  • Can convert Flash files to screensaver

  • Can create installer to distribute your Flash content

  • Can produce trial (limited in time or in executions number) versions of your Flash software

  • Can protect your content by password (user will be asked for password input to see your Flash movie) Password is unrecoverable, i.e. it isn't stored inside executable. Nobody (but you) can restore it.

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